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Assessment and Evaluation

The CTL offers a range of assessment and evaluation services to meet the vast and expanding needs of the Columbia University community.

Grant support

CTL staff collaborate with members of the Columbia University community to design evaluation strategies for key grants that support teaching and learning and/or professional development. CTL staff assist grant seekers with identifying applicable literature, designing logic models, identifying appropriate tools for the measurement of central outcome variables, and crafting evaluation instruments for the assessment of important indicators. CTL staff also provide external evaluation support to grants that align with the mission of the Center.

Curricular evaluations

CTL offers evaluation support for faculty who are seeking to assess the impact of curricular innovations such as educational approaches, tools, and technologies. CTL staff work with faculty to determine outcome variables that provide information about the success of the curricular innovation, and help design instruments and protocols for the assessment of the efficacy of these innovations. CTL also offers assistance with relevant quantitative and qualitative analyses that pertain to the evaluation.

Professional development

When available, CTL staff provide professional development to faculty on the assessment of student learning in courses. CTL staff assist with the identification of appropriate student learning outcomes, design of course-based assessment tools, alignment of learning objectives with course-based assessment tools, and interpretation of information resulting from course-based assessments.

Contact us

Contact Associate Director of Assessment and Evaluation Zach Kornhauser (; 212.853.0659) to discuss your needs. Due to the fluctuations in the number of grant support requests received in any given month, we will prioritize requests submitted within a reasonable time frame. To help guarantee CTL’s commitment to your request, we prefer that you initially contact us three months in advance of the internal grant deadline.

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