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CTL Departmental Liaisons

Our department liaisons help keep the CTL informed about faculty and graduate students’ needs for programming and support. Liaisons also share announcements of CTL programs and activities to colleagues in their departments. CTL Lead Teaching Fellows serve as graduate student liaisons.

To suggest a program or service that would meet the needs of your department, we invite to reach out to your liaison.


Graduate Student Liasion: Jonah Rowen

Art History & Archaeology

Faculty Liaison: Eleonora Pistis
Graduate Student Liaison: Charles Kang


Faculty Liaison: Frits Paerels
Graduate Student Liasion: Andrea Derdzinski

Barnard Education

Faculty Liaison: Lisa Edstrom

Biological Sciences

Faculty Liaison: Debby Mowshowitz

Biomedical Engineering

Faculty Liaison: Ed Guo
Graduate Student Liasion: Neda Bassir Kazeruni


Faculty Liaison: Laura Kaufman
Graduate Student Liasion: Elizabeth Bailey,
Alyssa Manz

Civil Engineering

Faculty Liaison: Raimondo Betti

Classical Studies

Graduate Student Liasion: Evan Jewell,
Jeremy Simmons


Faculty Liaison: Joseph Howley
Graduate Student Liasion: Maria Combatti

Columbia University Libraries

Faculty Liaison: Kelly Barrick

Computer Science

Faculty Liaison: Adam Cannon


Faculty Liaison: Katie Glasner

Dental School

Faculty Liaison: Letty Moss-Salentijn

East Asian Languages and Cultures

Graduate Student Liasion: Allison Bernard,
JM Chris Chang

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

Faculty Liaison: Jill Shapiro


Faculty Liaison: Susan Elmes
Graduate Student Liasion: Cameron LaPoint

Electrical Engineering

Faculty Liaison: Charles Zukowski

English and Comparative Literature

Graduate Student Liasion: Matthew Margini,
Victoria Wiet

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Graduate Student Liasion: Franziska Landes,
Laura Haynes

French and Romance Philology

Faculty Liaison: Pascale Hubert-Leibler
Graduate Student Liasion: Anna Provitola

Germanic Languages

Graduate Student Liasion: Tabea Weitz/a>,
Alyssa Greene


Graduate Student Liasion: Mary Freeman

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Faculty Liasion: Jaychandran Sethuraman

Institute for the Study of Human Rights

Faculty Liasion: Kristina Renee Eberbach


Graduate Student Liasion: Irene Bulla


Faculty Liasion: Duy Tu

Latin American and Iberian Cultures

Faculty Liasion: Angelina Craig-Florez
Graduate Student Liasion: Nicole Hughes,
Almundena Marin-Cobos

Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies

Graduate Student Liasion: Sahar Ullah

Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Liasion: Sunil Agrawal
Graduate Student Liasion: Braden Czapla


Faculty Liasion: Susan Boynton
Graduate Student Liasion: Ben Hansberry,
Maeve Sterbenz

School of Nursing

Faculty Liasion: Brenda Janotha
Graduate Student Liasion: Elizabeth Heitkemper


Graduate Student Liasion: Max Hayward,
Adam Blazej,Alexander Rigas


Faculty Liasion: Jeremy Dodd
Graduate Student Liasion: Rainer Corley


Faculty Liasion: Caroline Marvin

Political Science

Faculty Liasion: Jeff Lax
Graduate Student Liasion: Hadas Aron,
Luise Papcke


Graduate Student Liasion: Zachary Ugolink

Slavic Languages

Graduate Student Liasion: Molly Rose Avila

School of Social Work

Faculty Liasion: Craig Schwalbe


Faculty Liasion: Van Tran
Graduate Student Liasion: Ryan Hagen

Sociomedical Sciences

Graduate Student Liasion: Caitlin McMahon


Faculty Liasion: Banu Baydil

Sustainable Development

Graduate Student Liasion: Ana Varela


Faculty Liasion: Bill Worthen
Graduate Student Liasion: Emily Madison

Oral History

Faculty Liasion: Amy Starecheski

Frontiers of Science

Faculty Liasion: Ivana Hughes,
Monica Rouco Molina

Mailman School of Public Health

Faculty Liasion: Leah Hooper

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