Services for Graduate Students

The CTL offers a number of free services to help graduate students at Columbia become reflective and effective instructors. Services range from consultations and teaching observations to providing mid-course reviews and feedback.


Consultations: Graduate students can request in-person consultations to get support for their teaching and learning needs throughout the year. The CTL provides consultations to graduate students on a range of topics, including syllabus design, creating and refining a teaching statement, integrating instructional technologies into class activities, and presentation practices.

Teaching Observations: Graduate students can request teaching observations to receive individualized feedback on their teaching. Through a structured process, consultants observe instructors in the classroom and provide suggestions to improve their teaching.

Microteaching: The CTL offers microteaching sessions for small groups of graduate students and postdocs to rehearse teaching practices and get direct feedback and support.

Mid-Course Reviews: The CTL offers Mid-Course Reviews (MCRs) with trained peer consultants who can help solicit feedback from your students on what they find to be the most helpful and the most challenging aspects of your course. CTL Mid-Course Reviews are confidential, formative, and designed to support you in your teaching practices.