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Contingency Planning: Teaching Online

CTL has created resources providing guidance and support for instructors facilitating their courses online, including employing instructional technologies like CourseWorks (Canvas), Zoom and Panopto to continue instruction and communicate with students.

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First Steps for Moving a Class Online

When you realize you have to move your class online quickly and teach from somewhere other than your Columbia classroom, consider the following steps right away.

Graduate Student TAs: Adapting Your Teaching

Resources that graduate student instructors can draw on to stay connected to students and maintain learning in classes they’re TAing.

Asynchronous Learning Across Time Zones

Asynchronous learning gives students the flexibility to access course information, demonstrate their learning, and communicate from anywhere and at any time. 

Inclusive Teaching and Learning Online

With the rapid shift to online learning, instructors can draw on principles of inclusive teaching to help students feel a sense of belonging, ensure they can access course materials, and support them in achieving learning goals.

Teaching with CourseWorks

Set up discussions, take attendance, create and grade assignments, and create online exams and quizzes using CourseWorks, Columbia’s online learning management system

Creating Online Exams

Implementing online exams creates a new set of considerations for the instructor. CourseWorks (Canvas) offers a variety of tools, options, and settings that can help implement exams efficiently and fairly and make the exam experience positive for both instructors and students.

Active Learning for Your Online Classroom: Five Strategies Using Zoom

This resource provides simple strategies that combine active learning principles with online tools so students can encounter and engage with information and ideas, and reflect on their learning

Virtual Office Hours

Holding online office hours through Zoom and CourseWorks Conferences (BigBlueButton) can help extend the online learning environment, contribute to instructor presence, and make you more accessible to your students.

Teaching with Zoom

Instructors can use the Zoom video conferencing tool, which is integrated with CourseWorks, to hold class sessions or office hours remotely. See also Security and Privacy in Zoom.

Video Production Best Practices

This page takes instructors through the process of setting up, recording, editing and publishing video recordings, and provides other technical considerations for creating active and engaging classroom experiences using video. 

Teaching with Panopto

Instructors can use Panopto to securely host a variety of media to share with students, including uploading and recording video. This CourseWorks-integrated tool supports in-video quizzes, video editing, screen captures, and more.

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