Teaching with CourseWorks

Set Up Discussions in CourseWorks

View Tips and Strategies for Online Discussions

CourseWorks provides an integrated discussion tool that allows for interactive communication between instructors and students, focused discussions, and graded assignments.

Create and Grade Assignments (for setting up HW and Take-Home Exams) in CourseWorks

Instructors can create assignments in CourseWorks, and students can submit them electronically. Once students have submitted assignments, the CourseWorks Gradebook allows instructors to enter grades, track students and their progress, and calculate and submit final grades to SSOL.


Create Online Exams (for timed Exams and Quizzes)

To set up timed exams and quizzes, please use the Canvas Quizzes feature. For take-home exams please see the paragraph above.

When created as a quiz, students have to take an actual action to access the exam (e.g. clicking on “Take this quiz”). At this point, a timer that marks how much time they have left to submit will appear (this timer is optional though). Below are the main approaches to creating exams online:

  • Uploading the paper exam as a PDF file. Students would essentially download the file and submit their complete exam through a File Upload question. As is the case with uploading any sensitive content to Canvas, you should upload the exam file to a Restricted Folder in the Files section. This will prevent students from being able to see the exam in the Files section before they start the actual exam. See instructions on how to restrict files and folders to students in Canvas.
  • The exam questions can be created directly on a Canvas quiz, so that students can submit their responses. This approach can also allow for uploading file. This can only be done as a quiz. Some exams can be set up with auto-graded exams (particularly exams that have multiple choice, true/false or numeric entry questions).


Additional Tools

The following resources offer additional options to facilitate and support remote classes.


Further Reading

The CTL researches and experiments.

The Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning provides an array of resources and tools for instructional activities.