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Teaching with CourseWorks

Set Up Discussions in CourseWorks

View Tips and Strategies for Online Discussions

CourseWorks provides an integrated discussion tool that allows for interactive communication between instructors and students, focused discussions, and graded assignments.

Create and Grade Assignments (for setting up HW and Take-Home Exams) in CourseWorks

Instructors can create assignments in CourseWorks, and students can submit them electronically. Once students have submitted assignments, the CourseWorks Gradebook allows instructors to enter grades, track students and their progress, and calculate and submit final grades to SSOL.


Create Online Quizzes and Exams

The CourseWorks Quiz tool is best for assessments with questions that list a limited number of answers or options (i.e. multiple choice, true and false, and fill-in-the-blank). Turn on automatic grading to provide immediate feedback to students and to save time.

The CourseWorks Assignment tool is best for more complex responses, such as essays, presentations, videos, or multiple files. This tool allows students to submit multiple files as part of their response. It is also a good option if you intend to have students complete paper-based exams at home and they need to upload pictures of their work as part of the submission. 

For more information on the variety of CourseWorks tools, options, and settings that can help implement online exams efficiently and fairly, as well as recommendations on academic integrity, please visit our Creating Online Exams page.

Additional Tools

The following resources offer additional options to facilitate and support remote classes.


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