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Communication and Presentation

Communication and presentation skills are a critical skill which can always be honed, from undergraduates through to tenured faculty, there are always new techniques and approaches to be discovered. The CTL is actively engaged in sharing these innovative, best practices with you.

Communicating in the classroom

  • The Sheridan Center at Brown University offers a list of classroom communication tips, including rhetorical techniques for delivering and structuring communication, and techniques for getting feedback in the classroom, on their website. (External link)
  • A paper in Educational Psychologist suggests nine ways to combat the challenge of cognitive load in fostering meaningful learning. As authors Mayer and Moreno explain: “Meaningful learning requires that the learner engage in substantial cognitive processing during learning, but the learner’s capacity for cognitive processing is severely limited. Instructional designers have come to recognize the need for multimedia instruction that is sensitive to cognitive load.” (Mayer and Moreno, 2003) (PDF)
  • This handout developed by the CTL offers tips for sharing feedback and critique, adapted from Nancy Dunbar and Barbara Tannenbaum; Department of Theatre, Speech & Dance, Brown University, and The Sheridan Center, Brown University. (PDF)

Communicating research

  • This paper published in Nature provides simple guidelines for creating an eye-catching poster presentation. (Powell, 2012) (External link)
  • Colin Purrington provides helpful tips for designing conference posters. Read the full article or print the one-page summary and display it on a wall for students to absorb before they start designing their own. (External link)
  • This handout developed by the CTL presents criteria for designing an excellent scientific poster, based on principles outlined by Garr Reynolds in the book Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery. (PDF)

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