Teaching Observations for Faculty

Are you looking for confidential feedback on your teaching? Request a teaching observation! The CTL offers Teaching Observations with trained consultants who can help you think through your course goals, your teaching observation experience, and your future teaching.

CTL Teaching Development Program

Are you a doctoral student looking for a way to document your teaching development? The TDP allows you to cultivate, archive, and reflect on teaching development across the arc of your graduate school career.

New DIY Media Production Space Opens at CUIMC

This sound-isolating space is suitable for instructors wishing to create high-quality media recordings of lectures and presentations, interactive videos, screencasts, or annotated media.


2019 Celebration of Teaching and Learning Symposium
Keynote Speaker: Carl Wieman

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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This Week for Grad Students: October 22, 2018

Wondering what metacognition is? This year the CTL is offering graduate students resources and workshops to take a deeper dive into metacognition. Come learn how to design your classes to enhance metacognitive practices that boost your students’ learning.

This Week for Faculty: October 22, 2018

Want to receive confidential feedback on your teaching practices? The CTL offers faculty Teaching Observations to better support your needs. The deadline to request a teaching observation is Friday, November 16th.

Teacher’s Lounge

Want to join other instructors to informally talk about the benefits of helping students assess and monitor their own learning? Come join us at Teachers’ Lounge to discuss how we can use metacognition to increase equity and inclusion in the classroom.

Student Spotlight: Zachary Domach, PhD Candidate in Religion

In this Spotlight story, Domach shares his experience as a Pilot Participant in the Teaching Development Program. He discusses how the TDP has encouraged him to reflect on his teaching practices, and how his participation has prepared him to represent his teaching in the job market.

This Week for Grad Students: October 15, 2018

Looking for confidential feedback on your teaching? Want to rehearse your teaching practices? The CTL offers Teaching Observations and Microteaching Sessions to get direct feedback and support.

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