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CTL To Go: Bringing the Center for Teaching and Learning to You

Invite the CTL to your next department, program, or school gathering! The CTL is available to facilitate an introduction to our offerings, conversations on teaching and learning, and pedagogical and instructional technology workshops to meet the teaching needs of your faculty. Explore the menu below.

The following offerings can be facilitated in-person, in a hybrid format, or fully online.

Introduction to the CTL: Our staff are able to provide a brief overview of CTL programs, services, and resources that are available to support your faculty and their teaching and instructional technology needs. Give us 15 minutes and we’ll highlight offerings that are of interest to your faculty and engage in Q&A. Contact CTLfaculty@columbia.edu to coordinate with us.

Workshops To Go: The CTL has a series of 30, 60, and 90-minute interactive workshops that we can facilitate specially for your faculty! Workshop topics include active learning, inclusive teaching, ed tech tools, and more! that are ready to go. Invite us into a space of your choosing and we will bring our pedagogical session to you!

To learn more, read session descriptions, and request a Workshop To Go, visit the CTL website.

Learning Communities To Go: If you would like to start or already have an existing learning community for faculty in your department, program, or school, we are here to work with you. The CTL can help plan and facilitate conversations on teaching, learning, and mentoring. Contact us at CTLfaculty@columbia.edu to start the planning process.

Custom Workshops: Looking for a different pedagogical topic or session format? Contact us at CTLfaculty@columbia.edu to learn how the CTL can facilitate a conversation about teaching, learning, and mentoring that is customized for you and your colleagues.

The CTL is here for faculty.

The Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning provides an array of support for faculty in both their work and their professional development.