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Provost’s Senior Faculty Teaching Scholars


What is the Provost’s Senior Faculty Teaching Scholars program?

This Provost’s Senior Faculty Teaching Scholars program brings together an annual cohort of senior faculty who each have the opportunity to create a vision and plan for supporting, changing and innovating the culture of teaching and learning within their own department or school, and across campus. The program’s goal is to complement the CTL’s educational development expertise with perspectives of current Columbia faculty, and to enhance the culture of teaching and learning at Columbia with a specific focus on equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist pedagogy.

Specific objectives for the Provost’s Senior Faculty Teaching Scholars program include:

  • To engage a small cohort of senior faculty as partners in select programs that advance evidence-based pedagogy.
  • To deepen the CTL’s understanding of faculty development needs at Columbia, allowing the Center to set informed priorities for this work.
  • To cultivate Senior Faculty Teaching Scholars as ambassadors with insight about Center for Teaching and Learning strengths and what the Center can offer to faculty, departments, and schools.

How are faculty nominated for this program?

Deans nominate senior faculty who are both outstanding teachers and well-respected researchers in their disciplines.

Who are the Senior Faculty Teaching Scholars?

Meet the 2023-2024 cohort of Senior Faculty Teaching Scholars below and see the 2022-23 cohort, the 2021-2022 cohort, the 2020-2021 cohort, and the 2019-2020 cohort

Laurel Abbruzzese

Peter Bearman

Sociology, A&S

Heidi Allen

Denise Cruz

English and Comparative Literature, A&S

Terence D'Altroy

Lila Davachi

Psychology, A&S

A. Maurice Matiz

Karol DiBello

School of Nursing, CUIMC

A. Maurice Matiz

Philip Genty

Law School

Christine Hendon

Ari Goldman

Journalism School

Tiffany Murano

Paul Ingram

Business School

Tiffany Murano

Garud Iyengar

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, SEAS

Tiffany Murano

Monica Lypson

General Medicine, CUIMC