Fellowships and Opportunities for Graduate Students

Columbia doctoral students can apply for paid fellowship opportunities at the CTL that provide them with sustained professional development experience. Columbia doctoral students can also apply for other paid professional development opportunities, in which they are trained and supported by CTL to offer teaching support services to peers. Priority is given to applicants who have previously participated in CTL institutes or fellowship programs.

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Lead Teaching Fellows

The Lead Teaching Fellow (LTF) program is an interdisciplinary professional development initiative for Columbia doctoral students. LTFs receive stipends for producing teaching-related events and workshops in their home departments.

Teaching Assessment Fellows

The Teaching Assessment Fellowship is geared towards graduate students who have particular interest in learning about methodologies and strategies for evaluating the efficacy of teaching. Participants build skills by analyzing the impact of teaching projects proposed by Columbia faculty and funded by the Office of the Provost.

Teaching Observation Fellows

Teaching Observation Fellows are Columbia University doctoral students who work closely with the Center for Teaching and Learning and with each other during the academic year to better design, implement, and assess elements of teaching.

CIRTL at Columbia

The CIRTL Fellow is an instrumental component of Columbia’s institutional partnership with the CIRTL network. This fellowship provides a leadership opportunity on campus, as well as exposure to STEM leaders across 43 institutions for a select STEM graduate student.

Non-fellowship Paid Opportunities

CTL Graduate Student Teaching Consultant

Opportunity open to former Teaching Observation Fellows.

Application period: Applications for 2019-20 will be reviewed and approved starting July 1. We will close the application period when we have enough TCs to cover anticipated needs for the academic year.  Application link
Pay: $25/hour. Assigned teaching observations, microteaching sessions, and mid-course reviews consist of approximately four hours of work, scheduled around the availability of the TC.
Expected commitment: As service requests come in, they are announced to hired TCs, who then have the opportunity to claim themHired Teaching Consultants are expected to complete a minimum of five observations over the course of a semester. Hired Teaching Consultants must complete a paid one hour orientation.
Description: Teaching Consultants provide teaching observations, run mid-course reviews, and facilitate microteaching sessions for  participants in various CTL programs, as well as for graduate students at Columbia who request these services or individual consultations through the CTL. These services are structured, confidential, formative, and overseen by CTL staff.

The CTL is here for graduate students.

The Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning provides an array of support for graduate students in both their current and future teaching responsibilities.