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Calling all faculty who teach undergraduates!

What is it like to be a learner in the Columbia classroom? Find the answer to this question and more.

What is the Students as Pedagogical Partners initiative?

The CTL has launched Students as Pedagogical Partners (SAPP), its first initiative to be co-facilitated by undergraduate students, presenting an unprecedented opportunity to bring together faculty and students to work together towards transforming teaching and learning at Columbia.


Including the learner perspective, their insights, and experiences, into discussions on pedagogy provides a unique opportunity for faculty to reflect on their teaching with learners in mind.

How does it work?

While originally scheduled to host three in-person events for faculty, the SAPP initiative has transitioned to an online format. CTL staff and the student consultants have partnered to develop online resources and provide helpful feedback and reflections on their online learning experiences for faculty (below). 

Who are the 2021 Undergraduate Student Consultants?

The CTL has hired four Undergraduate Student Consultants on Teaching and Learning from across campus. Meet them below and read why they were drawn to the SAPP initiative. See the previous cohort of Student Consultants here


Learner-Centered Teaching: The student consultants and CTL staff developed a resource for faculty on learner-centered teaching. 

Learning Through Online Discussion: Thoughts and experiences from the student consultants on synchronous and asynchronous discussion in the context of discussion-based courses (e.g., seminars and small classes) and non-discussion-based courses.

Remote Learner-Centered Teaching: This resource considers Weimer’s (2013) five key changes to practice learner-centered teaching, adapted to the context of the remote classroom.

Student Reflections and Feedback

Active Learning: The Learner’s Perspective: The student consultants share their experiences with active learning, students’ resistance to it, and suggestions for engaging students in online learning environments.

Inclusive Teaching and Learning Online: We asked the student consultants to share their thoughts and experiences with inclusive teaching and learning online so far this semester. Here is what they wrote. 

Remote Teaching and Learning: Three Learners’ Perspectives on Inclusion: Three student consultants reflected on their experience with online inclusive teaching and learning, and provided questions and suggestions for faculty.

Reflections on Week 1 of Remote Learning: The student consultants reflected on their initial experiences with remote learning and shared insights from their first full week of online classes.

2021 Undergraduate Student Consultants

Sandesh Tuladhar

Sajan Bar

School of Engineering and Applied Science

“I am fascinated with the way we receive and process information in the classroom. Through this initiative, I hope to expand and develop education techniques by working directly with professors to bridge gaps in curriculum and classroom experience. I believe this work will help to create a positive learning environment throughout Columbia University and beyond by providing students and professors with a meaningful forum to hear new perspectives on learning.”

Catherine Ross

Donian Chyong

Columbia College

“I applied to the initiative as a unique way of giving back to the Columbia community, and as a way to use my background in research and experimental design to help create better ways to learn on campus.”

Sandesh Tuladhar

Yarin Reindorp

General Studies

“Our experiences as students have the capacity to shape the way we see ourselves and our future. Therefore, the classroom space is pivotal and good teaching and learning approaches are key. I believe that little changes can make a truly a significant difference in our learning experience and hope that through this important initiative we can shed light on the student perspective to make these changes.”

Sandesh Tuladhar

Michelle Yao

Columbia College

“I’ve always been curious about the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes into crafting a curriculum, and am excited to have the opportunity to support the development and improvement of educational experiences in and beyond the classroom for my peers and professors.”