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Flipped Classroom Redesign: N7004 Care Coordination

Karol DiBello, Associate Professor of Nursing, CUIMC

N7004: Care Coordination is a 3-credit course required by Master’s Direct Entry pre-licensure nursing students. It is taken in the last of a four semester long accelerated program in which individuals who have degrees in other fields are provided the necessary education for entry into nursing practice with a master’s degree. The course is designed to provide nursing students the skills needed to provide patient- centered care, to deliberately organize patient care activities and to share information among all the participants concerned with a patient’s care to achieve safer and more effective outcomes. The purpose of the care coordination course redesign was to take a traditional lecture formatted course and flip it to lecture type material provided through Courseworks asynchronously prior to class allowing further exploration of topics synchronously during class time. Several modalities were used in the course redesign including Digital Interactive Learning Objects, Podcasts, gaming, and multimedia case studies.

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