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Clinical Interviewing in Primary Care Settings 


Nataliya Pilipenko, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Medicine in the Center for Family and Community Medicine, Columbia University Irving Medical Center

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This training course aims to help medical students in further development of both theoretical understanding and practical skills in patient interviewing. The course is delivered in the context of Primary Care Clerkship (PCC) while the students are working directly with primary care patients. Students are taught to use patient-centered interviewing skills deliberately and actively with an aspirational goal of meta-cognitive skills acquisition for interview management.

The course delivers clearly defined, behaviorally anchored interviewing skills as well as metrics for learners’ self-assessment in line with current, evidence-based recommendations and research literature. The course is unique as it combines several modalities of teaching and learning in a context of a blended model. Most importantly, this course aims to promote students’ comfort and competence when interviewing patients in clinical, primary care settings.

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