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Multiple Modality Laboratory Course

Sarah Hansen

The General Chemistry Laboratory course serves undergraduate students in CC, SEAS, and GS. Students often take this course to fulfill a chemistry lab requirement for engineering or their pre-med track. Students in this course gain practical, hands-on technical skills, practice applying chemistry concepts to solve problems, and familiarity with the way experiments are designed and analyzed within the field of chemistry. The learning objectives of the course aim for students to leave it being able to frame chemistry investigations in both laboratory and real-world situations and the confidence to execute these investigations by creating a safety plan, employing common laboratory techniques, analyzing their data, and evaluating the reliability of their results. By crafting lab reports and new problem sets students should be able to apply their understanding of the chemistry phenomena to solving and creating new problems grounded in experimental investigation. this proposal lays out a plan to extend the discussion-based teaching model to the lab portion of the course. By combining the successes in the online course with in-person lab sessions this course maintains the gains from the online course while transitioning back to in-person lab sessions.

Celebration of Teaching and Learning Symposium

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