CTL Releases New Guide for Inclusive Teaching at Columbia

Sep 6, 2017 | Announcements, For Faculty, For Graduate Students

A new guide developed by Columbia University’s Center for Teaching and Learning helps instructors learn about inclusive teaching principles and strategies, reflect on and improve their own classroom practices, and receive resources for further study and application all in one place.

The Guide for Inclusive Teaching at Columbia offers an overview of inclusive teaching principles with practical, accessible, usable strategies that instructors can use immediately. The five principles are derived from evidence-based practices, so instructors can be assured that the tools and strategies in the guide are informed by current research. The guide is appropriate for faculty and instructors who are familiar with inclusive teaching, as well as those just beginning their journey to create an inclusive learning environment.


“Creating equal and equitable access to learning opportunities is at the heart of the work the CTL does in service of Columbia’s commitment to learner-centered teaching,” said Catherine Ross, Executive Director of the CTL. The CTL’s contributions to this effort began in 2016, after hosting a one-day event called the Inclusive Teaching Forum. The Forum brought together faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students at Columbia to share their experiences of designing, facilitating,  and participating in inclusive teaching environments.

After the event, the CTL established an internal Inclusive Teaching Working Group. The Working Group began a process to review and consult literature and research on inclusive teaching and learning to assess areas of overlap, similarities and differences, and themes. The Guide, its principles, and its strategies, are based on this exploration and research.

The final product released this fall is an evolving work because the research on inclusive teaching is ongoing and iterative. Throughout the fall semester, the CTL will work with campus partners and Columbia community members to identify and craft resources, programming, and opportunities for collaboration.

“The Center for Teaching and Learning’s Guide for Inclusive Teaching at Columbia is a great resource for our faculty and graduate instructors to better understand different facets of inclusive teaching and make meaningful changes to their classrooms,” said Soulaymane Kachani, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning. “I hope that the guide and related CTL programming will provide instructors with the resources instructors needed to improve learning for all.”

The CTL will host a workshop, Inclusive Teaching: Small Changes to Maximize Equity in the Classroom, on Wednesday, September 27, focused on inclusive teaching strategies that instructors can implement immediately. A winter intensive on inclusive teaching planned for later this semester. Sign up for the CTL mailing list to receive the call for applications.