Digital Literacy Competency Calculator Launches on GitHub

by | Jul 10, 2017

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Columbia University Libraries have released the Digital Literacy Competency Calculator (DLCC) on GitHub. The DLCC is a web-based tool for representing the connection between digital literacy competencies and the teaching and learning practices that produce them.

Watch a short introductory video to learn how to navigate and use the Digital Literacy Competency Calculator. 

The DLCC can be customized by instructors for different teaching contexts, allowing learners to see exactly what is involved in mastering a digital skill, how a specific learning experience contributes to their mastery, and what they will be able to do to show mastery.

The tool identifies three different types of digital literacy frameworks that align well with higher education instructional settings and goals. It also provides a guided process to help educators plan digital skills instruction based on the framework that is most appropriate for their instructional context, and create a public, web-based representation to share with the wider community.

The Digital Literacy Competency Calculator is part of the Digital Literacy for Instructional Practices Program, a joint project between the CTL and Columbia University Libraries. The use of GitHub as a platform will allow those working at other institutions to support digital literacy to reuse this work and collaborate on future iterations.

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