This Week for Faculty: Giving or Receiving Feedback?

by | Feb 1, 2021

Looking for feedback on your teaching?

Teaching Observations

Are you looking for confidential feedback on your teaching? Request a teaching observation for your hybrid/HyFlex or online course!

The CTL offers Teaching Observations with trained consultants who can help you think through your course goals, your teaching observation experience, and your future teaching. CTL Teaching Observations are confidential and evidence-based, developed to support instructors in their teaching practices.

Early & Mid-Semester Student Feedback 

The CTL recommends capturing student feedback at various points within the semester, including mid-term. The goal is a dialogue about students’ learning, not an evaluation of the instructor’s teaching. This resource outlines two approaches for collecting feedback from your students:

  • The simple Start, Stop, Continue method.
  • A question bank for gathering feedback from students, including the Start, Stop, Continue questions.

Giving feedback on student work?

Feedback for Learning

This resource offers strategies to make giving feedback easier and more effective. While there are specific technologies (discussed here) that can help facilitate feedback in an online or hybrid/HyFlex learning environment, the strategies presented here are applicable to any kind of course (e.g.: large lecture, seminar) and across any modality (e.g.: synchronous, asynchronous, fully online, hybrid, or in-person).

Workshop: Feedback for Learning

Are you frustrated that the feedback you give to students seems to go unnoticed/unused? Tired of pouring over students’ work and spending hours grading? Do you wonder how to make the feedback you give more effective? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you! Together we will reflect on our current feedback practices. Participants will explore the connection between feedback and student learning, and learn about giving feedback that is actionable, timely, and efficient. Through activities and discussion, you will craft an individual plan that incorporates evidence-based feedback strategies that are transparent, time-saving, and effective into your teaching practice. Register through the links below.

Dates and TimeFebruary 16, 3:00 PM–4:00 PM; April 9, 11:00AM–12:00 PM

How have you adapted your feedback practices for your online or hybrid courses? Share your practices through the CTL’s Voices of Hybrid and Online Teaching and Learning initiative and be featured in the 2021 Celebration for Teaching and Learning.

Join us for offerings this week:

Dead Ideas in Science Teaching: 45-Minute Podcast Discussion
February 1, 12:15 PM–1:00 PM

Planning Live Online Class Sessions: 60-Minute Workshop
February 2, 3:00 PM–4:00 PM

Let’s Talk Hybrid/HyFlex Teaching: 30-Minute Check-In
February 3, 12:15 PM–12:45 PM 

Let’s Talk Online Teaching: 30-Minute Check-In
February 3, 2:00 PM–2:30 PM 

Engineering Your Classroom for Active Learning Online (SEAS Faculty): 45-Minute Discussion
February 5, 1:10 PM–1:55 PM