This Week for Faculty: ūüéß Listen to your inner voice and your students to inform your future teaching

by | May 23, 2022

Reflect Back on 2021-2022 Teaching

The end of a semester is a great time to reflect back on teaching. Consider the questions below and reach out to the CTL as you plan ahead. 

  • What worked well (e.g., in terms of course planning, communication practices, community-building strategies, course climate, student engagement/interactions, organization of the course and its accessibility to students, instructional technologies, and inclusive teaching practices)?
  • What did you learn from the remote to in-person teaching transition?¬†

Explore Student Feedback

Consider your own reflections alongside the feedback received from students*: How did your students perceive the course? What was their experience? What constructive feedback did they suggest to enhance the student learning experience? 

*Need assistance interpreting and using the feedback received? The CTL offers confidential consultations. Please contact Faculty Programs and Services at: 

Explore the resources developed by Columbia students as part of the Students as Pedagogical Partners initiative for student insights and learner perspectives, including the recently added resource: What Makes a Class Inclusive?: Six Learners’ Perspectives.

Plan Ahead

Looking ahead to the next time you teach this course or material, consider the lessons learned and what changes are needed to maximize student learning: 

  • What might you carry forward from your teaching experiences this academic year into future iterations of the course?¬†
  • What changes will you make to your practices and/or course design? What technology enhancements would improve the learner experience and learning outcomes?¬†
  • What are your action steps to making these changes?

For more on reflective practice, explore the CTL Resource: Making Meaning of Pandemic Teaching.

Find Inspiration

Catch up on episodes and seasons of the Dead Ideas in Teaching and Learning podcast hosted by CTL Executive Director, Catherine Ross, before Season 5 launches in Fall 2022!

Listen on the podcast webpage or subscribe to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Send questions and feedback to

Season 4 included 7 episodes featuring Columbia faculty, students, staff, and external experts on a range of topics including:

  • Episode 1: Speaking from the Heart: An Instructor and Her Student Reflect with Dr. Karen Phillips and Yarin Reindorp
  • Episode 2: The Damaging Myth of the Natural Teacher: The Story Behind The Story with Beth McMurtrie
  • Episode 3: Teaching Development at Its Best: A Graduate Student Reflects
  • Episode 4: Dead Ideas About Anti-Racist Pedagogy with Frank Tuitt
  • Episode 5: The Impact of Student Perceptions of Instructor Authority on Resistance to Inclusive Teaching with Chavella Pittman and Thomas Tobin
  • Episode 6: Minding Bodies‚ÄĒHow Physical Space, Sensation, and Movement Affect Learning with Susan Hrach
  • Episode 7: Two Year Later‚ÄĒLearning through a Pandemic with Two Columbia Undergraduate Students

New Mediathread Feature: PDF Annotation and Uploader

We are happy to announce that Mediathread now allows for annotation of PDFs! You can upload, analyze, and integrate PDFs into your Mediathread course along with image, video and audio files.

Mediathread, built by the CTL, supports collection, citation, and annotation of media and text items within a course-specific website, and integrates with CourseWorks. Items to analyze in Mediathread can be imported from a variety of websites and library collections, or uploaded from a user’s computer. 

To learn more, visit the Mediathread site or contact CTL at


Office Hours 
Join us for office hours via Zoom (or phone) Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm to have your teaching with instructional technology questions answered. 

Schedule an in-person or virtual consultation to discuss any teaching and learning need by emailing or email the CTL Learning Designer assigned to your school or department.