This Week for Graduate Students: Language Lounges, Teaching and Second Language Acquisition

by | Feb 24, 2020

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Language Lounges Students chatting in a circle


Language Lounges provide an opportunity for graduate students to focus on how they apply knowledge of second language acquisition to their instructional practice and share ideas with peers teaching in other languages. This spring, Language Lounge will team up with the CTLgrads Journal Club to dive into some of the literature on teaching from Discipline-Based Education Research (or DBER) and the field of applied linguistics.

Readings for next week’s session can be found on the event’s registration page. Participants are encouraged to read the papers ahead of the session in order to contribute to and learn from the discussions during the session. 

This workshop satisfies a requirement of the Teaching Development Program (TDP).

Upcoming Lounges: 
Wednesday, February 26
Wednesday, April 8

Time: 4:10 PM – 5:25 PM
Location: 204 Butler Library


Upcoming Events

Teachers’ Lounges

Teachers’ Lounges are a series of informal discussions about teaching practices and the culture of learning at Columbia. This year’s lounges are focusing on making teaching and learning more accessible, since providing multiple ways for students to engage with course materials and register learning is an important inclusive teaching practice. Join us to think about aspects of accessibility in learning environments and share tactics for flexible instruction.

Upcoming Lounges:
Tuesday, February 25: Making Assessments Accessible
Tuesday, April 7: Positionality, Authority, and Accessibility

Time: 12:10 PM – 1:25 PM
Location: 212 Butler Library

Essentials of Teaching and Learning: Assessment and Feedback

Essentials of Teaching and Learning workshops offer new or developing graduate student instructors approaches to better facilitate student learning and improve teaching practices. Join us at any one of these foundational workshops to deepen insight that you have started to develop at teaching orientations or in early teaching experiences.

In this workshop, you will learn approaches for assessing student learning and providing feedback that encourages students to focus more on their improvement and less on bottom line scores. We will introduce tools to help streamline and standardize assessment and feedback, while helping students better understand what is valuable in the topic and discipline.

This workshop satisfies a requirement of the Teaching Development Program (TDP).

Upcoming Essentials Workshop: Assessment and Feedback
Date: Wednesday, February 26
Time: 10:10 AM – 11:40 AM
Location: 203 Butler Library

On Not Knowing (X): Teaching without Expertise: An Interdisciplinary Panel facilitated by Cat Lambert (Classics, Lead Teaching Fellow)

Graduate students and early career academics are often asked to teach material that falls outside of their wheelhouse. Furthermore, they navigate this task amidst a slew of other obligations: research, job applications, departmental service, and life events. This interactive workshop will be structured around a panel featuring Marissa Hicks (PhD Candidate, Classics), Joseph Woldman (PhD Candidate, Art History & Archaeology), Charley McNamara (Core Lecturer, Classics), and Emily Rutherford (PhD Candidate, History). The panel will address three major themes: 1) preparation strategies; 2) in the moment strategies (including a role-play activity for participants); 3) follow-up strategies.

Date: Friday, February 28
Time4:10-5:30 pm
Location: 603 Hamilton Hall 

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