This Week for Graduate Students: Mid-Semester Support for You

by | Oct 19, 2020

Featured Offerings

Teaching Online Support

As we move through the midpoint of this unusual and demanding semester, CTL offers a broad range of resources that you can continually draw on. Connect to guidance for using tools like CourseWorks, Zoom, Panopto, Gradescope, and more; learn about pedagogical approaches for increasing accessibility, inclusivity, and active learning online; or access self-paced courses geared to instructors and TAs who are teaching online for the first time.

Collecting Feedback from Students

It’s an unusual and demanding semester—how is it going for your students? We recommend collecting feedback at various points within the semester, including mid-term. The goal is a dialogue about students’ learning, not an evaluation of the instructor’s teaching. A new CTL resource outlines simple approaches for harvesting information that can help you improve learning in your section or class.

CTL Podcast

What do you really believe about teaching and learning? In this new podcast, hosted by CTL Executive Director Catherine Ross, guests are invited to share their discoveries of “dead ideas”—ideas that are not true but that are often widely believed and embedded in the pedagogical choices we make.

Conversations focus on dead ideas in topics such as grading, teaching with technology, student motivation, assessment, and neuromyths about learning, to name a few. The podcast also explores dead ideas exposed by the move to remote teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teaching Conference Support

Current Columbia doctoral students are invited to apply for funds to help defray expenses associated with attending a conference or training focused on teaching practices in higher education. Approved applicants will receive up to $750.

Graduate students interested in exploring careers in academic teaching development may be particularly interested in the POD Network Conference, convening online from November 10–13.

This support is is being sponsored by the GSAS Office of the Dean, funded by the Office of the Provost, and administered by CTL.