This Week for Graduate Students: Get Practice and Feedback on Teaching with Microteaching!

by | Nov 4, 2019

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Microteaching Practice

Want to practice a new in-class activity or just get some more practice before teaching in a classroom? Join peers in a Microteaching Practice session where you will divide into groups of 3-4 with a facilitator and take turns delivering short samples of instruction to each other. After each teaching sample, your facilitator and your peers will offer structured feedback to support your teaching.

Whether you are currently teaching at Columbia or not, all graduate students looking to practice teaching are welcome to attend this Microteaching Practice session.

The Microteaching Practice session satisfies a requirement of the Teaching Development Program (TDP). Learn more and sign up for the TDP at

Date: Thursday, November 7
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Location: 204 Butler Library

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Teachers’ Lounge: Banning, Allowing, and Needing Devices in the Classroom


In an effort to focus attention on learning, some instructors forbid or strongly discourage the use of electronic devices during class. Is this an effective practice? This session will look at some research on this topic, consider when devices may be desirable and even necessary for some or all students, and discuss policies in this area that we have tried or admired. Lunch will be available to registered participants. 

This session counts as a pedagogy workshop for the Teaching Development Program (TDP)

Date: Wednesday, November 6
Time: 12:10 PM – 1:25 PM
Location: 212 Butler Library

Advanced Topics in Teaching: How Can Technology Impact Learning?


Technology has become a ubiquitous component of the higher education landscape, but there are still vocal debates about when we should use technology and why. So how can technology impact learning?

During this Advanced Topics in Teaching session we will engage some of the literature examining technology’s role in supporting students’ learning and consider how technology can support and impede our desires to develop accessible learning experiences for our students. Participants will leave with considerations for choosing digital tools and engaging them intentionally and accessibly. 

This session counts as a pedagogy workshop for the Teaching Development Program (TDP)

Date: Tuesday, November 12
Time: 12:10 PM – 1:25 PM
Location: 212 Butler Library


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