New Teaching Resources for Columbia Instructors: Contemplative Pedagogy, Blended Learning

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Announcements

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has published two new resources for instructors on contemplative pedagogy and blended learning approaches. The resources provide a concise introduction to pedagogical approaches, the basics of effective implementation, “how to” tips for getting started at Columbia University, and practical strategies to help instructors to address the teaching and learning issues that they face in their classroom.

The CTL’s new resource on blended learning describes the elements of an effective, learner-centered “blend” derived from research and evidence-based practices. In addition, it offers questions that instructors can reflect on before designing their course and additional references and resources. This resource is particularly useful to faculty applying for the Provost’s Hybrid Learning Course Redesign and Delivery grant program and similar requests for proposals.

The CTL’s new resource on contemplative pedagogy provides strategies for helping instructors build in opportunities for students to develop deeper understandings of course material. This resource is useful to faculty and instructors across disciplines and educational contexts as contemplative techniques can complement more traditional classroom activities to transform the way students come to learn about and understand the world.

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