Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Professional Certificate Program Corporate Finance to Relaunch February 14

by | Feb 8, 2018

On February 14, 2018, the Columbia Business School and the Columbia University Center for Teaching and Learning will re-launch the MOOC professional certificate program Corporate Finance on the edX platform. The courses are free and open to all with an optional paid verified certificate.

This interactive, hands-on program is based on the first-year course taught in Columbia Business School’s MBA core. It is targeted at students and professionals looking to advance their career in a range of professions, including investment banking, private equity, consulting, general management, and CFO track jobs within a corporation.

In this short trailer, Professor Wolfenzon discusses the concepts this course will cover including the time value of money and the relationship between risk and reward. 

The program provides the opportunity to learn through a variety of real-world transactions and case studies as well as work through exercises in constructing Excel models to help deepen your understanding of concepts. Led by Professor Daniel Wolfenson, Stefan H. Robock Professor of Finance and Economics, the program explores both the sound theoretical principles of finance and the practical environment in which financial decisions are made.

Daniel Wolfenzon is the Stefan H. Robock Professor of Finance and Economics at Columbia Business School. He received a Masters and a PhD in economics from Harvard University and holds a BS in economics and a BS in mechanical engineering from MIT. He is also a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

“This certificate program makes up the foundation of finance. It contains the principles of finance that anyone in business should know,” Professor Wolfenson said.

Professor Wolfenson’s research interests are in corporate finance and organizational economics. He has studied control sharing in small firms, the effects of investor protection on ownership concentration, and the structure of business groups around the world. His most recent research focuses on family firms. He has examined the consequences of family succession on firm performance and also the importance of managerial talent in family controlled firms.

The program’s first course, Introduction to Corporate Finance, begins on February 14 and continues for four weeks. Students learn key financial concepts for evaluating and valuing investment opportunities including how to value stocks and bonds. The second and third courses begin on March 14 and April 17, respectively. These courses explore more advanced topics including how to use the free cash flow method for firm valuation and how to measure the risk and return of equity and debt. Verified certificates are available for each individual course and/or the entire professional certificate program.

The course will consist of video lectures, activities for exploration and application, online discussions, supplemental resources for further exploration of the topics, and interactive assessments.

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