Teacher’s Lounge

by | Oct 22, 2018

Want to join other instructors to informally talk about the benefits of helping students assess and monitor their own learning? Come join us at Teachers’ Lounge to discuss how we can use metacognition to increase equity and inclusion in the classroom.


Metacognition: Cultivating Expert Learners to Maximize Equity in the Classroom

Teachers’ Lounge is a series of informal discussions for faculty and graduate students about teaching practices and the culture of learning at Columbia. Our conversations often introduce participants to related educational models, research, and theory, and invite dialogue about their pertinence to day to day teaching.

This year, Teachers’ Lounge will host a series of conversations around the benefits of helping students assess and monitor their own learning, a process known as metacognition. Research shows that students benefit from metacognition in many ways. It helps them to identify gaps in their knowledge, recognize and develop expertise, and understand how their multiple identities impact the way they learn. As we discuss tactics to help students take ownership of the learning process, we’ll be paying special attention to ways that this can increase equity and inclusion in the classroom. Learn more

Motivation & Agency in the Learning Process

Wednesday, October 24, 12:00-1:30 pm in Butler Library Room 212 | Register
In this session, we will discuss how to motivate students to take ownership of their learning processes. We will explore strategies to encourage frequent collaboration and reflection in order for students to develop agency as well as how to help students cultivate a growth mindset about their own ability to learn.