Events / A Conversation with the International Student Advisory Board

A Conversation with the International Student Advisory Board

April 5, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Butler Library Room 208B

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For this last session we are pleased to be joined by representatives from Columbia’s International Student Advisory Board. We will aim to foster discussion with a question and answer panel, calibrating the insights gained in the prior two sessions with the viewpoint of international undergraduate students.

Furthermore, we will approach a new topic for discussion – the question of student mentoring. Mentoring is understood differently in different educational traditions, and students and teachers may come with diverging views of what a mentoring relationship involves and where it is to be expected. Successfully navigating this terrain is of especial importance in fostering the success of international students. We aim to explore techniques for developing mentoring relationships with cultural sensitivity across the boundaries of origin.

This three-part series explores how a diversity of cultural backgrounds and experiences in the classroom can benefit learning or create challenges in the classroom.

To learn more about this program and its requirements, visit: CTLgrads Learning Communities.