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Assessing Collaborative Work

February 21, 2017
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Butler Library Room 212

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The Collaborative Learning track is a series of three workshops for Columbia instructors and graduate students exploring group learning activities and digital technologies that support them. Participants discuss models of collaborative assignments and digital platforms that support them. Participants who attend all three sessions and complete related activities receive a letter from CTL certifying successful completion of the workshop track that can be referenced on c.v.s and other descriptions of pedagogical preparation.

Assessing collaborative work is a challenge. How do you know who did what for a group assignment, and how do you measure different types of contributions? In this final session, participants discuss classroom techniques, assessment tools, and grading rubrics that can help instructors to fairly evaluate student work on collaborative projects. 

To learn more about this program and its requirements, visit: Collaborative Learning.