Events / Queer Pedagogy: Reflecting on and Affirming Difference

Queer Pedagogy: Reflecting on and Affirming Difference

November 1, 2016
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Butler Library Room 212

In this workshop for faculty and graduate students, we will discuss queer pedagogy as a resource to challenge the disavowal of LGBTQA visibility in the classroom. Queer pedagogy is an educational practice that reflects on sexual diversity and gender identity variance, and that seeks to acknowledge—in a manner that positively affirms—difference among our students. During this presentation and discussion, we will explore ways to develop and apply teaching practices that increase inclusion and visibility of LGBTQA individuals. The aim is to welcome discussion among instructors across all disciplines to develop tools and strategies that can promote an inclusive space of affirmative visibility for sexual, transgender and queer/questioning minorities in our classrooms.

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