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STEM Teaching Discussions: Assessment of Learning

Morningside, 800 Fairchild, 1212 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027

The STEM Teaching Discussions are meetings of Columbia graduate students and post-docs in STEM fields who are interested in evidence based teaching approaches to undergraduate teaching. During our meetings let by the CTL fellow Susie Newcomb, we draw on various resources and online videos to prompt discussion and short activities surrounding the week’s designated topic.
Once we have outlined and implemented learning objectives we must consider the most effective way of assessing those learning objectives. This week we will discuss strategies for designing assessments that will align with your learning goals as well as how student mindset can influence their performance on these assessments.
Any current or future instructor at Columbia is welcome. No registration or preparation necessary — if you are interested in the topic and available, just drop by! Email Susie Newcomb at for more information. If you are interested, our materials are drawn from an online course offered through the CIRTL network: (course1).