Events / Using Wikis for Learning and Collaboration

Using Wikis for Learning and Collaboration

January 19, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Butler Library Room 204

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This workshop teaches the basics of Columbia Wikispaces, an online collaboration tool provided to every instructor teaching a registered course at Columbia University. Wikispaces allows professors to share resources with their students—including text, images, video, and links—and promote student collaboration through an easily editable website. The workshop concludes with a hands-on activity where the CTL helps instructors  design their own course wiki for use as an assignment, a content repository, a website, and more.

This is part of our series of workshops on Course Management and Collaboration Tools. In these workshops, CTL learning designers help instructors learn to manage course websites, use tools for collaboration, improve presentations, produce video lectures, and create innovative, multimedia-based assignments. To learn more about this program and its requirements, visit: Course Management and Collaboration.