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Hybrid & Online Teaching Institute for Faculty 

The CTL has developed the Hybrid & Online Teaching Institute: a new online offering that guides faculty through adapting their courses from face-to-face to online or hybrid formats. This offering provides instructors a foundation that can serve across all formats of teaching with the capacity to adapt quickly to whatever mode of teaching makes the most sense at any given time. 


Who is the Institute open to?

The Hybrid & Online Teaching Institute is open to all Columbia faculty and graduate student instructors of record preparing to teach a course in the 2020-2021 academic year.


Enroll Now

Faculty are invited to enroll in the Hybrid & Online Teaching Institute via the link below.

Once you have completed the asynchronous portion, you can register for a synchronous session through the CTL Events page. Alternately, the CTL can work with schools to organize a live session just for your community; if you are interested in scheduling a session, please contact CTLFaculty@columbia.edu

Program Description

The institute consists of asynchronous, on-demand content hosted in CourseWorks followed by a synchronous online experience with CTL staff and other faculty participants over Zoom. Together, these sections provide faculty with a comprehensive toolkit they can apply to their own course context whether this may be a seminar, small lecture, or large lecture class. The total time commitment is under six hours.

Asynchronous and Synchronous Sessions

The asynchronous portion is available as five modules which faculty complete beforehand on their own time. Modules contain a variety of content in text and video formats, practical strategies, and resources. The subsequent live portion over Zoom is an opportunity for faculty to ask questions, share ideas with one another and CTL staff, and strategize for their courses.


Asynchronous Module Topics

Live, Synchronous session 

(1) Adapting Your Face-to-Face Class for Online: First Steps
  • Discuss asynchronous content and share ideas and strategies with colleagues
  • Experience assessment tools 
  • Engage with a mini-case study based on Spring 2020 student feedback
  • Discuss applying strategies to different class formats
(2) Welcoming Students to Online Learning and Creating Community
(3) Engaging Students in Active and Collaborative Learning Online
(4) Assessing Student Learning Online
(5) HyFlex Essentials


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