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Welcome to the CTL.

Teaching at one of the great universities in the country can present many unique opportunities and challenges, and we want to partner with you in your work.

There are a number of ways that we invite you to engage with the CTL’s services, workshops, and programs:

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“Faculty and graduate instructors at Columbia University are world renowned for their prowess in the classroom. With a focus on empowering learners through student-centered approaches, the Center for Teaching and Learning will partner with the Columbia teaching community to help shape the future of higher education on campus, and beyond.”

John H. Coatsworth

Provost, Columbia University

News for Faculty

Adjusted Office Hours through September

To address the increased demand from the Columbia teaching community for support, specifically due to the Canvas migration, the Center for Teaching and Learning is holding expanded office hours through the end of September. The CTL will resume its standard schedule on Monday, October 2.

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