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Blended Learning (RewirED)

Discover how you can harness the power of technology to create effective and engaging learning environments. This series of seminars for Columbia faculty and graduate student instructors explores hybrid/blended learning approaches and techniques, features hands-on activities, and culminates in a showcase of faculty projects.

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RewirED is ideal for Columbia faculty, but postdocs, graduate student instructors, and staff are also welcome to attend.

CTL Facilitators

Paul Joseph Stengel
Jason Guzman
Andre Laboy
Jessica Brodsky
Aurora Collado
Kenny Hirschmann
Andrew Flatgard
Angie Lee
Ashley Kingon

Program Description

Participants will explore successful blended learning designs used in Columbia classrooms and their outcomes. Consider how blended learning with technology may prime, enhance, and extend teaching and learning in the Columbia classroom. Explore how and why student reflection, assessment, and feedback are an important part of the blended learning strategy. Examine best practices for identifying and integrating media and technologies into a blended learning design. Apply blended learning concepts discussed to redesign a course activity with the aim to enhance the teaching and learning objectives for the course.

Each workshop has a hands-on activity to help participants integrate the methods or approaches discussed into a new or existing course activity.

Spring 2017 Workshop Sessions:
Fall 2016 Workshop Sessions:

Blend the Course:
In this introductory session we will outline key considerations for blending a course. Discussions topics will include using backward design to plan blended learning, considering the strengths and limitations of various teaching and learning modalities while keeping learning objectives in mind, the shifting roles of a student-centered learning environment, tips for integrating assessment technologies to iterate on approaches, and technologies to get started.

Activate the Classroom:
In this session we discuss different ways to cultivate an active classroom. We will explore techniques such as just-in-time-teaching and other techniques to increase student engagement and retention of concepts. The session culminates with a consideration of effective questions and the use of audience response systems to measure where students are in their learning.

Present the Information:
In this session, we discuss effective principles for creating engaging presentations. We will explore presentations through Richard Mayer’s principles of multimedia learning. Examples of principles we will discuss include signaling, segmenting, redundancy, and personalization. Faculty are encouraged to bring a presentation they would like to revise.

Drive the Discussion:
This session explores different methods for stimulating meaningful discussions in the classroom and on the web. Questions we will ask include: What makes discussion an effective instructional approach? What challenges are there associated with discussion? How can we extend the discussion from the classroom to the online environment or from the online environment to the classroom? The session culminates in a discussion of techniques and tools to help drive your pedagogical goals.

Collaborate the Inquiry:
Challenging course concepts may be better understood by students through collaborative learning activities. Unfortunately, this approach is often time consuming and places a strain on classroom time. This session will discuss approaches for developing collaborative activities online that are structured to prime and extend classroom learning through student inquiry, analysis, and reflection.

Assess the Participation:
Many web tools provide data analytics that track user activity and may provide useful insights into the level of participation taking place. This session will discuss the various types of data that may be available and ways this data may be used to focus effort and enhance student participation.

Show the Blend:
In this final installment of CTL’s RewirED series, we celebrate the work of Columbia faculty who have experimented with blended learning techniques this semester. In addition, we present awards and gifts to the RewirED participants who have attended the first 6 sessions during the semester. All past RewirED attendees are encouraged to join us and ask questions about content from any of the prior four sessions. Best practices that emerged throughout the semester will be highlighted. Lunch will be available to registered participants.

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