Columbia Film Language Glossary

About the Columbia Film Language Glossary


The Film Language Glossary (FLG) is an online environment that illustrates the grammar and syntax of film by providing definitions of essential terms used in film scholarship and analysis. Originally developed in 2005 in partnership with Columbia University Libraries and School of the Arts faculty, the glossary incorporates selections drawn from the film canon. The glossary can enhance screenings, readings, lectures, and discussions for any course that involves the study of film. During the 2015-2016 academic year, the FLG project was the recipient of a Columbia Libraries Digital Internship Program grant that supported the work of an advanced graduate student to create new content and amplify existing entries. Some of the entries are enhanced with faculty voice-overs and annotations to highlight specific cinematic techniques.


Project Partners:
Richard Peña, Professor of Professional Practice, Faculty of the Arts
Nancy Friedland, Librarian for Butler Media, Film Studies and Performing Arts

Project Portfolio

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