E-WORTH (“Empowering African-American Women On the Road to Health”) is an HIV-prevention intervention for African-American women on probation. Developed in partnership with the School of Social Work’s Social Intervention Group (SIG), the goal of the intervention is to build positive peer norms and social support systems that allow participants to successfully negotiate critical barriers to health such as substance abuse and intimate partner violence. Participants are introduced to fictionalized characters tackling important life-issues that lead to computer-supported learning activities tailored to accommodate a range of learning needs. The CTL and SIG faculty developed the exercises and the scripts for professional actors and a narrator that guides participants on their critical journey toward health.

Project Partners:
Nabila El-Bassel, Professor at the School of Social Work and Director of the Social Intervention Group
Louisa Gilbert, Associate Professor at the School of Social Work and Co-Director of the Social Intervention Group

Project Portfolio

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