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Kalisa Ndamage 

Student, School of Engineering and Applied Science; CTL Student as Pedagogical Partner

In this audio clip, Columbia undergraduate seniors Kalisa Ndamage, Jasleen Chaggar, Ella Frederickson, and Casey Boynton share positive aspects of learning online. Below, Kalisa describes why he chose to submit an audio clip. 

This short voice memo aimed to share what made this semester worthwhile for some and demonstrate how effective teaching and learning can take place in a virtual setting.

The very name of this initiative prompted me to reach out to various friends and simply listen. While everyone, rightfully, shared their frustrations with attending college online, they also shared aspects of the experience that were pleasant and meaningful to them. Although I was listening to them from thousands of miles away as I sat in South Africa (somewhat indicative of the value technology has brought to this semester), we still connected over our experiences as if we were only feet apart.

My initial intention was to transcribe their narratives and submit a written piece, but after hearing the earnestness in their responses, I knew their voices had to be heard.

Voices of Hybrid and Online Teaching and Learning

Learn about the perspectives and experiences of teaching and learning during the pandemic.