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Thank-a-Prof / Thank-a-TA.

Calling all Columbia University learners!

Thank a professor or teaching assistant for their dedication to teaching and learning! If a professor or TA at Columbia facilitated an unforgettable learning experience, let them know!

Thank Columbia University professors or teaching assistants who have…

  • engaged you in your learning
  • created an inclusive and supportive learning environment
  • made it worthwhile to go to class
  • taught you in innovative ways
  • challenged you to excel inside and outside of the classroom
  • inspired you to learn more and pursue your goals
  • helped you overcome a difficulty or challenging learning experience

How it works

Compose your note using the online submission form.

Share any details you can to help your professor or TA know why you are so thankful.
Select whether you would like your name included or if you prefer to remain anonymous.

The Columbia University Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will send a thank you note to the instructor on your behalf.

Questions? Comments?

Please email the CTL.