Teaching Transformations: Faculty Reflections and Insights on Pandemic Practices

This resource features reflections on pandemic teaching of Columbia faculty from across disciplines, campuses, and affiliate institutions. Discover their stories, their innovations, and how the pandemic has transformed their teaching practices.

Featured Faculty

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Hod Lipson, James and Sally Scapa Professor of Innovation

“Don’t think about going back to the way it was. Think about how we can get to a better combination. How can we improve our courses and instruction based on what we’ve learned? (…) In general, the bar has risen for everybody in a good way—students expect more, and I expect more as an instructor.”

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Katja Vogt, Professor of Philosophy

“I’ll never go back to the way I taught pre-pandemic! The level of the students’ work was spectacularly good in 2020. The same goes for the Fall of 2021, when I taught the same class again in a physical classroom, but with a similar format, including the videos and required study groups.”

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Beth Barron, Associate Professor of Medicine

“Moving forward, I would hope to see the schools think more deeply about the attitudes we wish to foster in our students and adapt our learning and assessment strategies to these. If we would like to see more self-direction, teamwork, collaboration, curiosity, and ownership of their learning, then perhaps our old models of teaching and assessment are not as useful.”

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Six themes emerged from the faculty narratives collected for this guide: equity and inclusion, partnerships, course [re]design, active learning, collaborative learning, and course materials and assignments [re]design. Learn more about each theme and discover tips and resources to get started.