Tal Lazar

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Film, School of the Arts

Tal Lazar shares the changes he made to adapt a face-to-face Intro to Cinematography course to a fully online course, making explicit his expectations of students, establishing guidelines to facilitate online learning, and adjusting his own expectations of the amount of content that can be meaningfully engaged with during synchronous class sessions. 

His practices include: 

  • testing all the technology with your students in advance of the first class
  • asking students to minimize distraction in their learning environment, to be present and focused during class
  • communicating expected etiquette for interaction. 
  • promoting active student engagement through breakouts, Q&A, and asking students to do reflective writing to formulate their thoughts. 
  • managing his own expectations about what can be accomplished during a synchronous class session, focusing on the core of what needs to be taught and making room for more interactivity.

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