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Women Have Always Worked Online Course Re-released

On January 30, 2019, Columbia University re-launched Women Have Always Worked with Alice Kessler-Harris. This online course series is now four separate courses, making it more convenient for learners to take the course, and it has been updated with new content covering the 2016 election and how women are contributing to the grassroots movements aimed at social and economic inequality

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This Week for Faculty: November 19, 2018

Want to share your successes and concerns related to teaching at Columbia? Join us at The Teaching Hour as we explore issues of diversity from the perspective of instructors’ positionalities, Columbia’s student populations, as well as course content.

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This Week for Grad Students: November 12, 2018

Want a way to pursue, document, and represent your teaching development? CTL’s Teaching Development Program (TDP) is a comprehensive new service that allows you to strategically build a portfolio of your teaching development across your graduate school career.

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