This Week for Faculty: Resources for Assessing Student Learning

by | Feb 22, 2021

On-Demand Assessment Resources

Creating Online ExamsAn overview of CourseWorks tools, options, and settings that can help implement online exams efficiently and fairly and make the exam experience positive for both instructors and students.

Grading in Online Courses at Columbia: Tips and StrategiesThis resource is structured by common grading needs and provides “how to” details using CourseWorks and Gradescope.

Creating Assignments and Grading Online with GradescopeGuides instructors through creating assignments and grading online with Gradescope, a tool designed to streamline and standardize the grading of paper-based, digital, and coding assignments.

Video: Tools for Assessment in CourseWorks

How can I assess student learning using CourseWorks? This video looks at the tools CourseWorks provides to assess student learning and provide grades: the gradebook, speedgrader, assignments and quizzes.

Video: Assessing Student Learning

This video, which is part of the Course Design Essentials (Online) series, guides instructors through assessment practices that promote learning, and reflection questions to guide your assessment planning. 

Self-Paced Course: Assessment and Grading in CourseWorks (Canvas)

An advanced take on the Introduction to CourseWorks (Canvas) Online course, this self-paced training provides instructors with an in-depth understanding of the assessment and grading features in CourseWorks. Participants learn about setting up assignments within CourseWorks using various tools, and navigate the different grading features available within CourseWorks to grade assignments, quizzes, and discussions. The course itself models the ways in which Canvas can be used for different course activities.

Podcast Episodes on Assessment: Dead Ideas in Teaching and Learning

Assessment For and As Learning with Jonathan Amiel and Aubrie Swan Sein 
Jonathan Amiel, Interim Co-Vice Dean for Education and Senior Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs at VP&S, and Aubrie Swan Sein, Director of the Center for Education Research and Evaluation and Associate Professor of Educational Assessment at CUIMC, discuss curriculum and assessment changes they have implemented for first and second year medical students, and the dead ideas they have encountered.

Ungrading with Jesse Stommel
Jesse Stommel, co-author of An Urgency of Teachers: the Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy, practices “ungrading”. In this episode, Jesse unpacks why he supports ungrading (as well as the dead ideas that it challenges), and explains how it promotes student learning. He also shares steps that listeners can take towards ungrading in their own classrooms.

Dead Ideas Podcast Discussion: Assessment For and As Learning

Register: Tuesday, March 9, 1:10 PM–1:55 PM

Office Hours and Consultations

CTL staff are holding daily virtual Office Hours Monday through Friday to help faculty with questions related to teaching online, as well as any other teaching-related inquiries. You can also arrange a one-on-one consultation by phone or via Zoom for support. Please email the learning designer who supports your school or program to set up a time to meet.