This Week for Graduate Students: Coming up! Teaching Statement Online, LTF Events

by | Mar 15, 2021

Teaching Statement Online

The CTL is pleased to offer a unique, online opportunity for current Columbia doctoral students to learn about, write, and revise a teaching statement in order to enter the academic job market successfully.

The Teaching Statement Online intensive (TSO) is designed to let you work from home or wherever you do your best writing. Working 2-3 hours per week, this four-week program will move participants step-by-step through the writing process. Participants who complete the program will leave with a completed draft of their teaching statement and receive multiple rounds of feedback from CTL Teaching Consultants and peers.

The Teaching Statement Online workshop will next run from April 5 – May 3, 2021. Applications for will be accepted from March 22 – March 29.

LTF Workshops

Events and discussions produced by CTL Lead Teaching Fellows run in dozens of departments across the university each semester. These following upcoming sessions are open to all graduate students.

User-friendly Online Whiteboard & Collaboration Tools for Hybrid and Remote Instruction

We all are now pros at incorporating collaborative Google Docs into our online lesson plans. But do your class activities or modes of engagement feel stale in the home stretch of the semester? Are you looking for ways for running review sessions or encouraging student collaboration on end-of-term projects?

This event will offer a fast-paced and hands-on introduction to three free, user-friendly online whiteboard and collaboration applications: Google JamboardMiro, and Padlet. We’ll familiarize ourselves with each tool’s distinctive features and discuss their comparative strengths and pedagogical applications. This workshop is intended to be immediately applicable to your hybrid or remote seminar, recitation, discussion section, or small lecture.

This event is open to participants from all departments and fields and is led by Kate Suffern, Lead Teaching Fellow in the Theater Department. For more information about this session, email

Date: Wednesday, March 24
Time: 11:00 AM–11:45 AM
Registration:  Please register here

Marginalized Identities, Empowered Minds: Steps for Ensuring Classroom Success While Navigating Personal Identity

How can we as instructors navigate issues of race, gender, sexuality, ability within the classroom setting? How should we address power imbalances that arise around social identities and teaching? How can we foster more inclusive classroom environments and counter oppressive dynamics? Please join us for a pedagogy-based discussion where we will explore these issues in depth.

This event is open to participants from all departments and fields and is led by Elizabeth Adetiba, Lead Teaching Fellow in the Sociology Department. For more information about this session, email

Date: Thursday, March 25th
Time: 3:00 PM–4:15 PM
Register: Please register here

Hopes & Fears of Teaching

With the beautiful moments of being a teacher also come fears of not being prepared enough, making mistakes that cause harm to students, having students who are just not interested in engaging with the course topic, and not being compensated well enough to put in the time and effort required for creating an impactful learning environment. When you imagine yourself as a teacher, what comes to mind? What hopes do you have for your time teaching and learning from others? What fears come up when you imagine past, current, and future teaching experiences and practices?

This participatory workshop will provide space for us all to build a space where we demystify teaching and are able to share experiences to better support one another as the next generation of people who create and hold space for the learning of others (and our own).

This event is open to participants from all departments and fields and is led by William Frey, Lead Teaching Fellow in Social Work. For more information about this session, please email

Date: Friday, March 26
Time: 10:00 AM–11:00 AM
Registration: Please register here