Lead Teaching Fellowship

The LTF program is a professional development opportunity for doctoral students who are committed to promoting pedagogical practices and conversations among graduate students. LTFs participate in a series of meetings at the CTL, organize teaching-related workshops in their home departments, and act as liaisons between their peers and the CTL. LTF program activities are listed on the bottom of this page.

We especially encourage doctoral students who are committed to drawing on diverse perspectives and experiences to apply. If you have questions about the LTF program, we invite you to contact a current LTF in your department (if there is one) or reach out to CTL at CTLgrads@columbia.edu.

About LTF Events

LTFs produce a range of events for their home departments covering topics such as syllabus design, inclusive pedagogy, peer teaching observation, digital resources in the classroom, and framing teaching development for the academic job market.

How to apply

A call for 2022-23 applications will go out in Spring 2022. To make sure you are alerted, join the CTL mail list.

Browse the 2021-22 LTF directory

In 2021-22, 49 Lead Teaching Fellows are designing and running teaching-related events in departments across the University, mentored by a team of seven Senior Lead Teaching Fellows.

LTF Program Activities

LTFs receive stipends of $2,000 in two installments upon the successful production of teaching-related events or resources in their home departments, and the completion of a series of activities promoting communication between the CTL, other Fellows, and faculty and graduate student instructors in their home departments. These required activities entail approximately 60 hours, distributed across the academic year.

After being accepted into the program, Lead Teaching Fellows attend an orientation meeting in the CTL. They then complete a series of activities twice during the academic year: one round by the end of the fall semester, the second round by the end of  the spring semester.*  These activities include:

  • Participating in three LTF training/networking meetings, including small-group sessions with an assigned Senior Lead Teaching Fellow (SLTF) mentor.
  • Attending at least three workshops or events at the CTL.
  • Planning and implementing a teaching-related workshop, discussion, or presentation in home department in consultation with departmental representatives, SLTF mentor, and CTL staff.

In addition, LTFs participate in the following activities across the two semesters (Fall, Spring):

  • Liaising between the CTL and home department: Referring peers to pertinent CTL programs and resources, sharing back to the CTL information about teaching development needs and interests in home department.
  • Documenting LTF activities and reflections on the LTF program website, culminating in a brief year-end report.

The CTL provides LTFs with individual consultations, peer mentoring, and logistical event support. Questions about the program may be sent to CTLgrads@columbia.edu.


* Due to temporary shifts in the academic calendar, 2020-21 LTFs are running activities through the Summer A semester class period.

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