This Week for Graduate Students: Looking for Feedback? Request a Mid-Course Review!

by | Sep 30, 2019

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Mid-Course Reviews

Are you a graduate student instructor looking for quick, anonymous feedback on your teaching from your students? Request a Mid-Course Review! The CTL offers Mid-Course Reviews (MCRs) with trained peer consultants who can help solicit feedback from your students on what they find to be the most helpful and the most challenging aspects of your course. Mid-Course Reviews are confidential, formative, and designed to support you in your teaching practices. MCR requests accepted through October 25.

Upcoming Events

Approaching the Job Market Workshops


Are you getting ready to go on the academic job market? The CTL offers a number of ways to help graduate students effectively develop their teaching and provide evidence of their teaching experience in applications and interviews. As you get ready to go on the market, take advantage of programming and services to refine your teaching portfolio, teaching statement, diversity statement, syllabi, public speaking, and presentation skills.

Upcoming Workshops:

Tuesday, October 1: Syllabus from Scratch
Thursday, October 3: Writing a Diversity Statement

Location: 203 Butler Library

Learning by Observing: The Art of an Effective Teaching Observation


Observing faculty or peers teaching can be a powerful way to expand your awareness of teaching techniques, train your attention on student learning, and generate reflection about your own instructional approaches. But how can you ensure that an observation leads to all these benefits? This workshop will provide participants with a model for conducting observations of teaching that focuses on instructional intention, student engagement, and insights about the observer’s own teaching development.

Date: Tuesday, October 1
Time: 12:10 PM – 1:25 PM
Location: 212 Butler Library

Microteaching Practice


Want to practice a new in-class activity or just get some more practice before teaching in a classroom? Join peers in a Microteaching Practice session where you will divide into groups of 3-4 with a facilitator and take turns delivering short samples of instruction to each other. After each teaching sample, your facilitator and your peers will offer structured feedback to support your teaching. Whether you are currently teaching at Columbia or not, all graduate students looking to practice teaching are welcome to attend this Microteaching Practice session.

Date: Friday, October 4
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: 204 Butler Library

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