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Approaching the Job Market

Are you getting ready to go on the academic job market?

The CTL offers a number of ways to help you effectively develop your teaching and provide evidence of your teaching experience in applications and interviews. As you get ready to go on the market, take advantage of programming and services to refine your…

  • Teaching portfolio
  • Teaching statement
  • Diversity statement
  • Syllabi
  • Public speaking
  • Presentation skills


Teaching Statement Sprint

Are you drafting a teaching statement for the academic job market? In this two-part series, you will have a hands-on opportunity to gather ideas and draft effective components of your teaching statement. In part one, learn the elements of a strong teaching statement and engage in activities to kick-start the writing process. In part two, share full drafts with peers for feedback and suggestions. Register for an upcoming workshop.

Writing A Diversity Statement

Diversity statements are becoming increasingly common in the academic job application process, but what are they and how do you write one? In this workshop, learn about the components of a reflective and thoughtful diversity statement, see sample statements, and brainstorm your first draft. If you have already started on a diversity statement and would like some feedback, bring copies for individual or peer feedback. Register for this workshop.

Building Your Portfolio

What counts as evidence of your teaching practice and how can you best organize it for the job market? In part one of this two-part series, learn about the content and purpose of a teaching portfolio on the academic job market, reflect on your own teaching experience, and take inventory of the evidence you already have. In part two, get a start on assembling your portfolio and polishing your teaching materials and reflections through peer review.  Register for an upcoming workshop.

Presenting Your Teaching

Whether you are interviewing for an academic job or giving a talk at a conference, being able to present your teaching and research with clarity and conviction is an essential skill. This two-part series connects you to the elements of effective public speaking and presentation visuals. Learn strategies for preparing a presentation and practice your “elevator pitch” as a way to gain confidence in your presentation style beyond this workshop. Coming soon. 


Individual Consultations

Sign up for a teaching consultation to receive individualized feedback from CTL staff on your teaching portfolio; teaching, diversity, and research statements; syllabi; and any other teaching materials as you prepare for the job market. Email to request a consultation.

Teaching Observations

Teaching observations give you an opportunity to receive direct feedback on your classroom instruction by a fellow trained graduate student. Through this service, you will gain better insight into what it’s like to be a student in your class, how you were successful as an instructor, and new approaches you might try in your teaching. Request a teaching observation.

CTL Office Hours

In addition to individual appointments in our Butler Library offices, this year the CTL is offering drop-in office hours at SEAS. Come by for one-on-one support from our staff. Learn more.

Not yet on the academic job market, but wondering how to prepare for a faculty position?

It’s never too early to attend any of these programs and services! Sign up for our mailing list at to receive updates on other opportunities to dive deeper into your teaching.