This Week for Grad Students: September 10, 2018

by | Sep 10, 2018

Want a way to pursue, document, and represent your teaching development? CTL’s Teaching Development Program (TDP) is a comprehensive new service that allows you to strategically build a portfolio of your teaching development across your graduate school career.

Teaching Development Program Launch

Join us for the launch of CTL’s new Teaching Development Program this fall! Come learn how to get started in the TDP and how to receive certified completion of the Foundational and Advanced tracks described below. Doctoral students early in their programs as well as those preparing for the academic job market are welcome to attend. Light lunch will be available to registered participants.

Join us for the TDP Launch!



It was effortless to join the program because of the flexibility built into itthere are numerous routes to complete most deliverables and, best of all, my previous CTL work was accounted for in one way or another!”

Zachary Domach, PhD Candidate in the Religion Department and TDP Pilot participant.



About the Teaching Development Program

Graduate students can participate in the TDP program on either of two tracks. Choose the track that better fits your schedule!

Foundational Track
The TDP’s Foundational Track introduces graduate students to fundamental concepts and practices in student-centered learning. It helps to deepen the experience of TAships, connecting early instructional experience to proven and sustainable pedagogical practices.Learn more about Foundational Track requirements.

Advanced Track
The TDP’s Advanced Track invites graduate students to engage more deeply with a community of peers and to develop advanced teaching practices. This track puts special emphasis on transferable professional skills that are cultivated through teaching practices and culminates in the development of a digital teaching portfolio containing strong evidence of inquiry-based teaching development. Learn more about Advanced Track requirements.

Upcoming Events

Essentials of Teaching and Learning

The Essentials of Teaching and Learning workshops offer new or developing graduate student instructors approaches to better facilitate student learning and improve teaching practices. Join us at any one of these foundational workshops to deepen insight that you have started to develop at teaching orientations or in early teaching experiences. Lunch will be available to registered participants. Essentials workshops count towards completion of CTL’s Teaching Development Program for graduate students. Learn more here.

Approaching the Job Market

Are you getting ready to go on the academic job market? The CTL offers a number of ways to help graduate students effectively develop their teaching and provide evidence of their teaching experience in applications and interviews. As you get ready to go on the market, take advantage of programming and services to refine your teaching portfolio, teaching statement, diversity statement, syllabi, public speaking, and presentation skills. Learn more here.

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