Advanced Topics in Teaching

Advanced Topics in Teaching (ATT) workshops are interdisciplinary opportunities for graduate students looking to acquire new pedagogical frameworks and to innovate their teaching. Topics will vary from semester to semester and cover a range of approaches and theories about teaching and learning.

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Advanced Topics in Teaching

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Current Semester

Fall 2018

Illuminating Learning Processes

Helping your students consider and adapt their learning processes is an essential part of helping them build expertise. However, many of these metacognitive skills can be difficult for instructors, as experts, to illuminate for novices. In this workshop, we define some key terms and strategies in metacognition that you may want to develop with your students. We will then discuss specific approaches – such as process worksheets and assignment wrappers – that you can use to help scaffold these learning processes for your students and help develop important metacognitive abilities while learning discipline-specific skills. Moderate level session; comfort with learning objectives and active learning approaches recommended. Register here.

Teaching through Discussion

Instructors often rely on discussions to gauge students’ understanding, curiosities, and challenges in the classroom. Whether it’s by asking students to synthesize conceptual knowledge, providing them with an opportunity to practice making arguments, or probing them for where they are in their learning, instructors use discussions to serve a variety of pedagogical needs. This workshop will explore how to teach through discussion by focusing on the following questions: How can we prioritize goals for a discussion? How can we make our expectations transparent to students and prepare them for discussion? And how can we assess whether or not our goals for discussion were met? Register here.

Past Programs

Spring 2018 Workshops

Syllabus from Scratch

Drafting a syllabus for the first time? This two-part series will introduce you to the key elements of an effective syllabus and help you define learning goals and assessment methods that will promote student learning in your course. You will have the opportunity to get feedback from CTL staff and peers on a draft of your syllabus and take away tools for continued revision and development of your syllabus. Check for upcoming workshops.

Visual Thinking Strategies: Teaching With Objects

In our classrooms, we often strive to engage students with objects, artworks, manuscripts, or visualized data analyses. Introducing students to these primary sources, however, demands that students practice strategies for careful visual analysis. Register here.

Presenting Your Expertise

Whether you are interviewing for an academic job or giving a talk at a conference, being able to present your teaching and research with clarity and conviction is an essential skill. This session connects you to the elements of effective public speaking and presentation visuals. Learn strategies for preparing a presentation and practice your “elevator pitch” as a way to gain confidence in your presentation style beyond this workshop. Register here.


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