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CTL Teaching Development Program

Are you a doctoral student looking for a way to document and showcase your teaching development? CTL’s new Teaching Development Program (TDP) allows Columbia doctoral students to cultivate, document, and articulate their teaching development across the arc of their graduate school career. Graduate students can participate in the TDP program on either of two tracks: Foundational or Advanced.

Completion of a TDP track earns a letter outlining track competencies and certifying completion from the Center for Teaching and Learning. Completion will also be noted on Columbia transcripts for doctoral students in Arts and Sciences, SEAS, Mailman, School of Nursing, and School of the Arts departments. For more information, read program details below and browse FAQs about the TDP program.

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Teaching Development Program


The Teaching Development Program is now open for current Columbia University doctoral students (and masters students in the School of the Arts). To register, click the button above and fill out the registration form. CTL will review and send confirmation of registration, with instructions for getting started.

Foundational Track

The Teaching Development Program’s Foundational Track introduces graduate students to fundamental concepts and practices in student-centered teaching. It helps to deepen the experience of TAships, connecting early instructional experience to proven and sustainable pedagogical practices.

Graduate students who complete the Foundational Track will be able to:

  • Describe and implement pedagogical practices that draw on evidence-based educational research
  • Develop learning goals and aligned assessment strategies that are clear and measurable
  • Receive and apply peer-to-peer feedback on their teaching practice
  • Articulate and reflect on their own student-centered approach to teaching

Advanced Track

Graduate students wishing to develop advanced teaching practices and engage more deeply with a community of peers are invited to continue into the TDP’s Advanced Track. This track puts special emphasis on transferable professional skills that are cultivated through teaching practices and culminates in the development of a digital teaching portfolio.

In addition to the Foundational Track skills listed above, graduate students who complete the Advanced Track will be able to:

  • Articulate and reflect on their own inquiry-based development as a teacher
  • Present evidence of sustained teaching development to potential employers in and beyond academia
  • Demonstrate organized, engaging, and distinctive communication practices that extend into future professional settings

TDP Program Outline

Foundational track


Pedagogical training

  • First Day of Class Plan, Policy Sheet
  • Attendance at CTL Essentials of Teaching Series (four workshops) with reflections
  • Attendance at three additional CTL pedagogy workshops with reflections

Application and practice


Participation in a CTL service with reflection (choose 1):



(if exiting with Foundational Track certification)


Reflective narrative about application of pedagogical training and feedback


Advanced track


Pedagogical training


In addition to Foundational Track requirements


Application and practice


In addition to Foundational Track requirements

Second participation in a CTL service with reflection (choose 1):

Observing others teaching with reflections (1 of each):

  • Faculty instructor
  • Peer instructor




Submission of:

  • Digital teaching portfolio
  • Reflective narrative about development throughout program

Exit interview



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