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CTLgrads Journal Club

Are you interested in learning about educational research? Join us during the academic year for CTLgrads Journal Club — and, every summer, Summer Book Club. This informal discussion community is an opportunity to be introduced to research on teaching and learning in various disciplines (also known as Discipline-Based Education Research, or DBER), and to discuss articles and books with CTL staff and other graduate students and postdocs. Each session will also help you consider how you can use findings in education research–in your field and beyond–to inform your own teaching practices.

How to participate

The CTLgrads Journal Club is open to current Columbia graduate students and postdocs. While we encourage participants to attend multiple Journal Club in order to build community with others interested in findings and implications of education research, we welcome visitors to individual sessions.

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Summer 2021 Book Club

In summers the Journal Club shifts into reading and discussing a whole book. In Summer 2021 we are reading Cheating Lessons (2013) by James Lang, PhD, which will help us dig into the research on student learning, memory, attention, and motivation. We’ll consider what this research can tell us about why students cheat, and think about what motivates students to cheat and how can we prevent cheating.

Join us every other week, starting Wednesday, May 19th. These sessions are open to Columbia graduate students and postdocs. Feel free to join any or all sessions throughout the summer!

Spring 2021 Journal Club

Browse notes on Spring 2021 discussions here (UNI login required)

  • Jan. 28, 2021 
  • Feb. 11, 2021  
  • Feb. 25, 2021 
  • Mar. 11, 2021 
  • Mar. 25, 2021 
  • Apr. 8, 2021  
  • Apr. 22, 2021 


Fall 2020 Journal Club

Browse notes on Fall 2020 discussions here (UNI login required)


CTL Facilitators

Ian Althouse and Chris Chen


CTL Facilitators

Ian Althouse and Chris Chen



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