This Week for Faculty: Active Learning Institute & an April event not to be missed!

by | Apr 11, 2022

Active Learning Institute

Active Learning Institute LogoTuesday, June 21 – Friday, June 24, 2022

Looking for ways to increase student engagement in your face-to-face or online classroom? In this four-day immersive online experience, Columbia faculty will explore the purposes and benefits of active learning and learn how to apply these research-based practices by developing their own active and learner-centered (face-to-face or online) course units.

During the institute, faculty will complete a series of hands-on activities and discussions over Zoom and CourseWorks (Canvas) to work through the essential components of designing engaging student learning experiences. Topics addressed include facilitating individual and collaborative learning activities, planning and creating effective online materials, and fostering and maintaining an inclusive course climate.

Columbia faculty are invited to apply. Applications received by Monday, May 16, 2022, will be given priority.

Here is what Columbia faculty are saying about the Active Learning Institute:

“I found it really helpful to look back at how I draft my course learning objectives, and how I can better align them with my pedagogies and assessment practices. I highly recommend educators to push the pause button and participate in future runs of the Active Learning Institute. It will help you become a better educator.” – Lenin Grajo, Associate Professor of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine (Occupational Therapy)

“I think that one of the best components of the Active Learning Institute was that it required you to reconstruct a learning objective you already use. I find that a lot of professional development courses are taught in a vacuum and to a wide audience. ALI was different because it required you to learn new teaching methods and apply them to your course through peer-feedback. This approach allowed me to walk away from the Institute with a new curriculum that was ready for the classroom. ALI also affords each participant the opportunity to interact with professors from all over the University. For me personally, I think it made the ALI experience all that more enriching.” – Christopher Munsell, Glascock Associate Professor of Professional Practice of Real Estate Development Finance (Architecture, Planning and Preservation)

Featured Resources

Getting Started with Active Learning: This resource introduces you to a holistic active learning framework as well as Columbia-supported instructional technologies that you can use to design both synchronous and asynchronous activities to engage your students in active learning. 

Engage your students with the tips and strategies shared in the following resources:

Featured Event

Understanding and Doing Antiracist Classroom Assessment

April 27, 12:30-2:00pm

This workshop considers what antiracist assessment can be in university courses and how faculty from across disciplines from Humanities to STEM courses can meaningfully engage in it. Led by Asao B. Inoue, Professor of Rhetoric & Composition at Arizona State University, he argues that classroom assessment, from grading to feedback on literacy performances, is an ecology made up of seven interconnected elements. Understanding any classroom as an assessment ecology can provide a way to design and enact antiracist assessment practices in courses. Furthermore, Inoue details twelve habits of antiracist teachers that are necessary in more fully developing antiracist pedagogies and assessments. There will be a Q&A period and a handout of resources.


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